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The SEARCH Digital Evidence Legal Wiki is a resource for busy law enforcement professionals who need quick access to recent case law as it pertains to digital evidence.

The case law presented here covers the topics involving digital evidence identification and acquisition that come up most frequently in today’s courts: child pornography, cell phones, social media, to name a few.

Each posted case includes a synopsis that you can review to see if the case covers information that might factor into your case.

With this wiki, prosecutors and law enforcement professionals have access to current case law as it pertains to these broad areas:

  • Search and seizure relating to digital devices and electronic media
  • Authentication of digital evidence in court
  • Retrieving different types of data from a multitude of digital devices

How this Wiki is Organized

All of the resources are located under the 'Resources' drop-down at the top of the page.


Cases are organized by jurisdiction. By clicking on the 'Jurisdiction' link the user is presented with a map of the United States. This interactive map allows the user to click on a State or, where applicable, a Territory, and view the relevant digital evidence case law for that particular jurisdiction. Additionally, clicking on any of 11 "Circuit" numbers will show the digital evidence case law in that District.

In addition to being organized by jurisdiction, users can select 'Cases by Topic Area', which will show the cases in ALL JURISDICTIONS, that have that particular topic area.

Finally, there are two other sections, one on the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and the other, digital evidence cases specifically decided by the United States Supreme Court. If you have suggestions on items to add to the wiki contact the High-Tech Crime Training Program Manager Justin Fitzsimmons.